A Grandparent's Prayer Journal:
Lifting My Grandchildren to the Throne of Grace
by Melanie Wayne
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Heavenly Father, my precious grandchild is struggling in school. My heart hurts for her. I ask You to break any cycle of discouragement, disappointment, and failure. Would You replace this pattern with a season of new possibilities. The assumption that this child will fail blinds her to new possibilities that You have for her. She thinks she cannot learn, and...

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting this site! You and I, more than likely, have a shared interest ~ our grandchildren and prayer. Several years ago as I peered into the face of my first grandson, the Lord gave me a spontaneous love and a deep desire to pray for this precious bundle. My circle of friends began to experience the same heart tug for their new grandchildren, and listening to our dreams for these children, the Lord gave me a burden for a prayer ministry directed at the next generation of children.

I found very few offerings of prayers related to just grandchildren, and I began to write this collection. Having been in prayer circles for most of my adult life, I know that intercessors prefer to journal and record their own thoughts and inspirations. This Prayer Journal is designed in such a way that a praying grandparent can offer the prayer written, as well as compose his or her own thoughts and record them in the spaces provided.

Fern Nichols of Moms in Touch wrote in the foreward, "As I read through these prayers, it was as if she knew my heart. Her grandmother praying heart deeply touched my grandmother praying heart. The prayers she prayed were the same desires, hopes, and dreams I have for my grandchildren. Many times tears would well up in my eyes as I said, “Yes, Lord, yes. That is my prayer as well.”

This Prayer Journal is meant to be personal. Your grandchild’s photo is inserted into the cover to bring her face to your remembrance as you pray. There are sections to record names of schools, teachers, special events, anniversaries, birthdates, etc. The hope is that you will be able to hand down this journal to your grandchildren at some future date, and they will know the commitment you made to nurture them in their walk with the Lord.

I invite you to be a part of the larger circle of caring and Christian grandparents committed to seeking Him and pledging to pray without ceasing for the life of your grandchild. May we be the generation who says, "Yes, Lord! I'm available. Use my life for Your glory and for the advance of Your Kingdom in the generation to come."

In Christ,

Melanie Wayne. Author